Not Being Sick

When Pollyanna first “begged the privilege” to  deliver the calf’s-foot jelly to Mrs. Snow, an ill member of Aunt Polly’s church, Nancy, their maid, promptly tells her that she won’t love to do it “After you’ve done it once” because “she’s that cantankerous”. It turns out Mrs. Snow is someone with a rather bleak outlook on life but our heroine, as usual, rises to the occasion, You’ll have to read the book to find out how.

When I first read the chapter I naively thought Mrs. Snow was unique. I have been unwell for the past week. Yes. That explains the lack of posts. And behaving like a belligerent cantankerous old lady myself. Not belligerent. I’m not allowed to yell. But I would if I could. And for the first time I truly felt myself in Mrs. Snow’s shoes. Life does look bleak from the bed in which you feel like you are going to die. I was glad, of course, that other weren’t sick like me so they could take care of me, but  it doesn’t ring very true to a person who has tasted the freedom independence offers.

It was only when the fever dropped to 99 degrees centigrade that my blessing made itself painfully obvious. I wasn’t going to be sick forever! Looking forward to dancing jubilantly in the rain not caring a fig about viruses acts like sunshine when it cleans the cobwebs inside your mind. It also murders the depressing dark thoughts I believe bacteria eat when they try to take over your body and gives way to brighter ones for fairies 🙂

Also, you know, you can be glad you’re physically sick. Not mentally. Not sick in the perverse series killer way 😉


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