Being Able to Hear Sound


Admitted that it’s a bit hard when all you hear are the cacophonous sounds of your colleagues, room-mates, siblings, parents, and random strangers arguing, but could you imagine missing out on your favourite song? Can you imagine your life without a soundtrack?

In an attempt to learn American Sign Language, I found myself staring at a video on youtube. About one minute into the video I idiotically began to wonder why there was no sound. Yeah. Sign. I figured that one out. The lack of sound on this one video made me aware of just how tremendous a void would exist in my life if my life was a silent movie without music. This was the first time I truly appreciated my listening faculties.

I watched the one hour video and learnt a lot, but by the end of it I was ready to stamp my feet just to check if I could hear the noise it made. For me, that video had the power to instantly transform every unpleasant sound I had ever heard to pleasant musical notes.

Let’s cover our eyes tomorrow and see if the world looks brighter too 🙂


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