Beware The Ides of March!

Welcome to my favourite day of the year! Yes. I love this day more even than I love my Birthday. The first reason is probably something a child can easily understand. The last time I truly studied for any examination was definitely my tenth standard Board exams. This is the first important exam any kid in India gives. Julius Caesar, you see, was a part of our rigorous English Literature course. And for two years there was nothing more important that the fact we know every tiny detail about the ghastly political person. So after the exam was done with, can’t you imagine how liberating it was for me that the ignominious “JC” was dead?

I remember running around screaming, delirious with joy, “Julius Caesar is dead! Julius Caesar is dead!” The examination high passed, of course, and I was left with legendary quotes which I refused, at sixteen, to believe were legendary. What remained however was the memory of a thoroughly mad girl screaming nonsense with joy! I grown rather fond of that girl and replaced “Julius Caesar is dead!” with “Beware the Ides of March!”

The second reason, seriously, how many other days in the year can you go about shouting like a lunatic and leave people thinking you are literary? 😉


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