Rise, Bibliophile! Rise!


You think you can’t love books more than you already do? Just you wait! It catches you by surprise. Wait for the day someone asks you to make a list of your ten favourite book and the Joey scene from F.R.I.E.N.D.S come to mind!

And then you just have to give up because you know you’ll go crazy trying!

The alternative is when you’ve been looking for a book. Searching and searching for an out of print addition and it literally glows when you lay your eyes on it. What’s worse is reading it! Every page you turn makes you cry because it is every bit perfect as you imagined it to be.

A quote trending on Facebook claimed I need to find a person who looks at me the way I look at my books, and I knew what an impossible dream was! Thankfully, as long as I have my books, I don’t care 🙂


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