Funny Insults!


Have you ever experienced a moment when someone insults you, and you… Well.. you’ve been reading my blog for a while now.. So you can’t stop laughing? They look confused. They don’t think you understand, but by now, your body is literally shaking with laughter. “It’s not funny!” They say “I meant what I said! It wasn’t like a joke or anything” Then you feel the tears in your eyes! Aaaah! Tears of laughter are the most wonderful thing in the world. If you haven’t laughed so hard you cried yet, you must attempt it as soon as the next opportunity presents itself!

What’s funny, my dear friends, is that they care sooooooooooooooooooo much about something that others you as much as a windy day would bother a fish living deep in the ocean! When you are that detached to it, problems have an uncanny ability to look like the funniest joke you’ve heard all day!

Also, when in doubt, look to Hobbes! You know Calvin’s stuffed toy tiger.



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