Eclipse Superstition

Especially when it works in your favour. There are numerous tricks any Indian astrologer will tell you that you can use to improve your Karma. Now, I love astrology but I am more of a personality traits person. The prediction and prevention/cure aspect eludes me, possibly because I’m too skeptical to actually believe it. However, if someone tells me that there is mantra which I can say and get everything I want, I’m going to give it a try.

My darling mother, despite my otherwise perfect upbringing of her, remains adamantly superstitious. So when I got a frantic call from her asking me to wash my hands and feet and chant the “Hanuman Chalisa” a Hindu devotional hymn, I almost expected it. Now, it so happens that God is generous enough to me that I do always get what I want, but it always helps to have insurance. Besides the hymn only takes about five minutes.

The main purpose of doing this is so you can call your mother right back and ask, “So when am I getting my check for a billion dollars?”


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