Flight Humour


What do you usually do when you see people freaking out on planes? I’ll admit it’s annoying watching people panic over the simplest applications of the laws of physics. No. I don’t understand how, I’m not a physicist, but no plane I’ve been on has crashed yet. And it’s amazing  that the luckier I get the more planes I get on. Just imagine! Not Even one flight! Awesome, right?

So, when you see a lady shrieking, what do you do? I had a pocket book full of chants I used to build my confidence, and that of the person panicking, but recently I came up with something new.

Look at the passenger and say, “Don’t worry! They took all the dangerous stuff out of everyone’s bags! There’s nothing to panic about!”

They look quizzically at you, and ask, “What dangerous stuff?”

“The water!”

Humour is a brilliant way to let go of panic.


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