Something to Watch for 15 Years


What usually annoys me the most about any TV series is that it gets over. In the twenty to twenty-four episodes I form a deep rooted attachment to something that satiates my hunger for drama. So picture in your head a ten year old whose parents decide to donate his favourite toy.

Over the years, I have learnt that screaming at the top my lungs, breaking everything in sight, shoving tables at people doesn’t make your favourite toy come back. Neither does the sophisticated, sometimes extremely organised art of complaining. Now, I just lock my door and shed a bitter tear in memory of those who died waiting for the cruel world to turn “good”.

But today, I found an awesome anime, something I insist on calling “Japanese cartoon” to annoy my brother, that is quite pointless and equally hilarious, which I happen to love has been going on for fifteen years! And since it is approximately at the half-way house it shows signs of running for another fifteen! Talk about long-term commitment! 😀

A friend once told me, “Kritika, you should look in the mirror when you talk!” I imagine I looked something like Luffy, from One Piece.. And wouldn’t you want to see this guy for fifteen years?

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 2.55.40 pm


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  1. Ankush Deep says:

    Mugiwara no Luffy! 😀


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