Anyone who had watched a fair amount of movies must have heard of the deadly hallucinogen Belladonna. The ancient Romans used it as poison. The wife of Augustus and the wife of Claudius both are rumoured to have used it for wait-for-it Murder! After all, eating two to five berries of the plant are lethal for a human.

So imagine my shock when my ad-hoc doctor at the apartment whips up a bottle of tiny, white spherical balls of approximately one millimetre radius labelled “BELLADONNA” and asks me to pick out four and eat them! Usually, when my room mate supplies the inventive homeopathic medicine I swallow without argument, because they taste sweet. But this time I saw the label.

I ask, “Why are you trying to kill me? I become a multi-billionare you can steal from After my book becomes a bestseller! I don’t have any money now.”

We forget that Belladonna was also used as cosmetic and medicine.

She says, “Well.. you’ll die only if you eat the whole bottle, so, don’t do that!”

Suddenly I’m glad that when me and my brother were kids and searching in my grandfather’s cabinet for that sweet medicine to eat, we didn’t find it then. 🙂 None the less, shocking people like my room-mate shocked me is Awesome!



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