True Love


In the very popular Archie comics Jughead says, “Love for an inanimate object!! Aaaahhh!! That I understand.” and talks about the perfect burger, which goes to show Jughead is the smartest of the gang.

But over the years, I have learnt that you can lose inanimate objects just as easily as you lose people. That is, if you don’t shower them with their desired love and affection. A few years ago, I lost something terribly important to me. My phone. All humans of this generation knows that they would sell one kidney to get their phones back. Maybe both. A friend gave me some expert advice, “If it loves you too it’ll come back.” And this amazing thing happened… It did!

Everyone in my office knows that all my passwords are eternally “Basketball” followed by a number. The ingenious thing is that the number keeps changing. It is my way of holding on to my one true love that age and the lack of a court keep elusive.

So what happens when you see it again? What happens when you see yourself playing basketball with people who love it no less than you after years of pining and writing bloodcurdling bad poetry? What happens when your one true love comes back to you?

What happens is that you feel Awesome! 😛



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