Personally, I’m not the waiting kindof a girl, and my firm policy is pick up one of the other million things that I have been complaining I don’t have time to do and do them. but in some cases I make an exception. No. Not when they say, “they were stuck in traffic” because if you aren’t going to be on time, at least be creative. “I was hit by a truck”, “The police mistook me for a terrorist at the railway station” and “My cow, which is my only source of livelihood ran away and I was desperately chasing after her” pass the test.

Also, I make an exception for the pathetic human beings, often known as employees of a bloodsucking organisation, who want nourishment before they meet you for a leisurely walk. But of course, you have some fun first. 😉 My conversation reads something like this:

“I’m hungry will eat something and then text you.”


“As long as you’re not a Vampire feeding on a person.”

“Then it’s not okay.”

“Find some Rabbits!”

“Rolling on the Floor Laughing.”


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