Being Introduced to John Green Videos

YouTube was invented in 2005, when my batch was giving their first real exam in India. Also, the exam in which we got the highest marks in our lifetime. And in 2007, nearly everyone in the same batch contemplated either suicide or murder as they sat for a million, to say the least, competitive exams, not to mention the much dreaded 12th Boards. You can’t really blame us for sticking to the familiar and boring. So when your younger sibling who was not burdened with similar chains introduces you to John Green the YouTuber, don’t turn up your nose, it is Awesome.

Anyone who speed-talks is a kindred spirit and is automatically a recipient of my undying and unconditional eternal love, but it also helps that he give great advice. No. I’m not talking about his books. He has written a few, but I’m talking about his video logs “vblogbrothers”

Some of my favourite quotes are:

“How can I get girls to like me?” -> “Become a puppy!”

“How to make guys like you?” -> “1. Become a giraffe. 2. Become World of Warcraft!”

and my personal favourite-> “The venn diagram of guys who don’t like you and the boys you do not want to date is a CIRCLE!”


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