When to be Cheap About Books

Say there’s a book you want to read. Due to the magnificent benevolence of the internet age the book is also available online as an ebook. And you have discovered highlights, bookmarks and notes for anything that you want to add. Are you happy? Not quite. You see. I need to smell my books, to feel the soft flipping of pages in my hand. While I am not of the school of thought that think calling ebooks Satanic influences would be badmouthing Satan, I do feel there are some books you just have to sniff.

I downloaded the ebook but continued to pick up the paper copy at every bookstore I happened to walk into. I yearned and flipped it pages, and then put it back on the shelf, because of my innate cheapness. “Damn! Practicality!” I said. And then the most magical thing happened, in my parents trunk of old books I found the elusive paperback smelling vintage.

Sometimes being cheap is Awesome 🙂



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