April Fool’s!


“You shall find her the Infernal Ate in good apparel” – Much Ado About Nothing

Yes, folks, April Fool’s is the day to channel Shakespeare’s wittiest heroine, also my personal favourite, Beatrice, who “speaks all mirth and no matter”.Wit is the salvation of all those who hope to manage mischief.

For writers, this is the time to test all your theories, so preparation is key. Every second you waste is a second you can prank someone, so set your alarm!

Get the smart ones before they remember the date! Since they do not spend their lives watching you through a telescope, at least I hope not, maybe you should break your leg on what’sapp or Facebook messenger!

“Are you in a wheel chair?”

“No. April Fool Chair!”

But I like a challenge so, of course, I had to tell a friend someone we both know and love got arrested for ordering beef at a restaurant since beef is banned in Maharashtra.

“How did you know?”

“They told me because it was April Fool’s!”

The key is to not over sell, and quit and when you’re ahead.

After your roommate steps out from their shower, tell them a co-worker called and they said it was urgent and you must call them back immediately. Add the words “Discrepancies” to the co-workers message helps. Don’t giggle till they dial all the number, mimic phone gestures answering their call, “Hello, I just called to say “April Fool’s!!!””

Telling a close friend you were shifting town, especially if you’re known for being a free spirit, is a classic. Confessing to a very serious long-term relationship that didn’t work out in the middle of a conversation about relationships another classic.

“I’ll give you details on April Fool!!”

A count of eleven victims makes for an Awesome April Fool morning! 🙂


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