Bird Watching


I solemnly believe the number of animals that wander close to you and how long they stay around you is directly proportional to how awesome you are feeling. When you are excited, enthusiastic, or exhilarated they dance, run, and chirp merry songs, and when you’re sad they shun you like a mortal enemy at an office Christmas Party.

Now, I think pigeons are the dumbest animal Ever. Probably, because of the one pigeon that committed suicide by flying into the fan in my room. Their idiocy creates Herculean clean up tasks for me and therefore my screen is always closed for pigeons.

Nevertheless, I love it when they sit outside the screen and shower all their foolish love over me. Today, I found the adoration of a pigeon who is sincerely interest in watching the same movie you are watching is Awesome!

Also, not a bit camera shy, the Star, But I still made it sit outside 😉



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