When Someone Gets You Doughnuts

The basic problem of being the lunatic who lives only for about two years in each city is that often your favourite brands are not as readily available as you thought they were. Sometimes, the city, gasp, doesn’t even have a store. This is especially a problem with food. Clothes and other meaningless possessions people often use to fill their empty unsatisfactory lives with, you can order online. So imagine if your sweet tooth acts up, and nothing will do except your favourite brand of doughnuts!

Isn’t it awesome, when guests for once show up announced with your mission in life for the day? For once, they don’t look either pesky or annoying. Not just because they have two boxes full. Doughnuts bring love to a heart with is usually above bribery.

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Well. I suppose your roommate is too dangerous to spite, but do caption on Facebook that they are all safely in your tummy. Because surprise doughnuts are Awesome!


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  1. richav3 says:

    OMG..i totally remember this!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kprsd89 says:

    Yeah.. Had some photographs from college printed a while back.. This was one of them 🙂


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