Shiny Blue Rocks


Not all girls like diamonds. Some are incredibly low maintenance and prefer blue i-forget-what-mineral-it-is rocks from the Benjamin Franklin institute. A few days ago, it’s easy availability propelled me to decide that it was to be my much needed gratitude rock. Besides, it was shiny, and spoke to the avaricious magpie-like instinct in me. And it was shiny!

And while playing with my diligently polished toy, as I often do when I am in a restless mood in between adventures, I found something awesome! Something marvellous! Something that blew my mind!

When at certain angles, my shiny blue rock closely resembles a mirror! And performs most of its function. No. I did not use at it to pick the lettuce out of my teeth. When placed horizontally on my writer’s desk, it perfectly reflects my blue-pin up board!

Isn’t it awesome when your shiny blue Gratitude rock SHOWS you all your favourite things to be grateful for?

FullSizeRender 2       FullSizeRender


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