The New Season!!

We all know what we would sell to watch a new episode of the Game of Thrones. A kidney? Hmm.. Maybe both? I cannot stand the idea of someone telling me who dies next before I see it with my own eyes! It is personal entertainment for me to threaten a dear friend with spoilers. So you can imagine how many people are bitting their nails, waiting for SEASON 5!

It’s Sunday and I waited with the rest of the world for a glimpse into the dark series which has a reputation for offering the actors playing the role of your favourite characters the generous opportunity of acting on other shows. Not only did no one die, but there were on the wonderful, bright, shining internet not one, not two, but four episodes. Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 6.14.27 pm

Keep your eye on the screen. And remember

Anyone can be killed – Arya Stark


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