The Smell of Rain


The special thing about the Indian Subcontinent is that we get our very own unique season, courtesy the Himalayan Mountain range and the South Westerlies, called the Monsoon Season. Rain comes blissfully and predictably in August after the scorching heat of June. This year, however, India decided to skip the summer season altogether, so far, and we see showers in Rain.

It may be annoying reaching work drenched, but there’s nothing like warm tea in the cold weather, sitting out on your balcony eating a Monsoon delicacy known as pakoda. A good way to spend the day is to play basketball in the rain or jump from one puddle to another. But the best thing about the rain is the smell.

The water droplets push their souls into ground with all their strength. The soil becomes loose. The cold wind runs wild. It carries in its madness the damp grains of sand. Before you know it, the union of earth, water, and air fill your world, and you remember all the time you spent rolling in the mud dirtying your new clothes.

Isn’t the smell of childhood Awesome?


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