When You Spend the Day Laughing


There are those days when you just get up on the right side of the bed. It’s neither too hot nor too cold, and everything you look at around you reminds you of what you have achieved. Then your phone rings and you know that laughter is on the cards.

Do you remember’s are an excellent way to start. That is where all the things you’ve crossed off your bucket list are. The stuff you’d never thought you’d do but did anyway. Things no one believes you could do, because, you know, “you are an exceptionally nice person”. I still hold my face in hands and shake my head with embarrassment, amusement and disbelief at the girl who planted “You have been selected for the final round of MR. NameOfTheStreetWhereWeLivedAtThatTime.” Of course we couldn’t leave the finalists notice at his OWN house. It was meticulously left at someone’s house who was sure to blow the horn.

Trust me, guys, your problems are the funniest things that ever happened to you. Did I really throw a table at my little brother because he poured his glass of milk into mine? Yup. Did I really lock my friend inside my room because I didn’t think playtime should be over so soon? Yeah I did. Did I really lose my voice crying because my cousin broke my Barbie’s head and I thought she died? Oops, I did.

Before I knew it I and my friend were laughing hysterically.. Because?? Wait for it…

Because how dumb are babies? They have no hair, And they are Happy! They can’t talk, And they are Happy! They don’t even know what  Money is, they don’t have ANY and they are Happy! They basically just roll in their beds, droll, and are Happy!

Spending the day laughing is Awesome! Especially if its for no apparent reason!


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