Fast and Furious 7


I am not a movie critic, but even a blubbering idiot like me, who basically loves all movies indiscriminately, can tell one of a superior quality. Yes. It has fast cars. And guns. And incredibly satisfying action scenes for your adrenaline high. But what is it that makes this movie the most personal, softening movie ever made? Yes. You got it!

Paul Walker

I am not even a Paul Walker fan. I much prefer Vin Diesel’s powerful presence. And when I heard myself talking to myself, telling me to breathe, I knew I was part of something special. What comes across most is the Love that pervades the movie. You can feel how much every person on the set Loves Paul. That they aren’t acting. That they are a family. And you are a part of it. You know that Fast and Furious 7 isn’t a movie, it is the people closest to Paul telling you that they are hurting and asking you to heal with them.


Photo: Courtesy the internet


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