Greek Mythology


Before Harry Potter.. There was Ulysses. And Jason. And Hercules. Yes. There is a certain romance to stories of Gods we don’t worship religiously. And Greek Gods win the lottery. Homer the travelling writer ensured that every kingdom had heard of Odysseus before the internet. One of the oldest and most intellectual civilisations in the world has only added to the value of the alluring Greek Myths.

They invite you with their mystery. The heroes evoke your empathy. Challenging the Gods? Sounds similar to fighting old and redundant belief systems. The Gods depress you with their prejudice. Can you really hold a grudge for seventeen years? But the heroes do not fail you. They wow you with their confidence. Their bravery impresses even the Gods as they become generous all is right with the world again.

It is hard not to be seduced by tales of courage and valour, but the thing most awesome about Greek Mythology is that each God symbolises unique characteristic traits and skills. And you get to pick you favourite!



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