News From NASA

The first coloured coloured photographs of the magnetic Pluto are trending. Perhaps, it is my personal obsession with astrology that assigns the event more significance than necessary or maybe it the mystery of another world that intrigues. Either way, the two blurred specks of the pale orange Pluto and its moon Charon are heralds of answers.

A probe promising clearer photographs has the world waiting with anticipation. The recently termed dwarf planet is the outermost not-planet in the solar system. We are venturing out into unknown territory, taking on our role as explorers. What is out there? What will we find? Will it blow our mind?

Pluto is the Greek God of the Underworld and in astrology, it signifies death and rebirth, a re-examination of ideas and beliefs, and letting go of some of them. What ideal will we let go of? If we let go of anything at all…

Knowing that answers are on its way is Awesome!



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