Summer is Come


While this may sound like “You have been sent the Hell fires as a gift” to most Indians, there are a few good things about it.

Bangkok celebrates the coming of the season by splashing buckets of water on any and all living things, not unlike Holi, except without impossible to wash off colour. They particularly enjoy splashing their favourite Lord Buddha with water. Why? Because he’s hot! Duh! This bubbly vibrant festival is called Songkran and has the most playful way of uniting all citizens of Thailand.

Although I regret leaving behind the season of warm candlelight, and watching movies from cosily blanketed beds, I do love ice-cream! And I love eating them more when my teeth aren’t clattering. Remember, there are also ice-lollies, cold coffees, lemonade, and yummy milkshakes.

Also, in Summer there are fewer fresh vegetables. Yes. You have to be a child to get this one. So, take a second, now forget your age. Put yourself in the shoes of a five-year-old, and scream, “There are no more vegetables!”

Then, there is shorts, skirts, and sundresses!


Isn’t Summer Awesome?!


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