When Your Brother Hacks your Phone


Normally, siblings are not to be trusted around any communication device, but when they use it as blackmail, I refuse to be intimidated, in classic Remember the Titans style. Do what ever you want?! Now, I’m almost curious to see what my brother will do! Especially since there is no wifi and the internet data pack has been disabled on my phone!

A hotspot is created, and a message no one in their right mind would believe I sent is broadcast. IMG_6140

The broadcast list includes a chauffeur from a random cab company, Why do I still have him on my contact list?, some ex-colleagues and classmates I haven’t spoken to in years, and my father, who has been waiting for me to give the okay for the mad man-hunt.

So what happened?

Well. Remember no wifi or data pack? So nothing for two days.. And then.. You get a lot of hysterical laughter!





And… Your friends get creative…



Some friends are just confused.. A more accurate response would be.. Who is this mad hacker?


Some just don’t know what to do anymore! That’s true! My standards are Wayyy to high!!


Some friends are adorably reassuring.. It’s nice to be told you’re pretty 🙂


And it’s nice to think I have a choice..


But you know why your Best-friend is you Bessstttt Friieeennddd!!


Two hours of solid entertainment is what it is.. Isn’t it awesome when someone hacks your phone!


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