How to Make Your Tea Happy

Isn’t a nice cup of Darjeeling Tea in the morning fantastic. Imagine that you pull out your saucepan, turn the heat on, and pour just the right amount water. You are however a tiny bit surprised it boils so fast! You sprinkle the tea from the hills of Darjeeling that is oh-so-famous and not to mention your favourite. You sift and pour into four cups and add just a dash off milk. As move the cup to your lips instead of the delightfully delicate aroma another smell fills your nose.


Of course, you soundly tick off the person who used the saucepan before you! Why? Why? Why? Why was it not washed properly?! All the others are confused. They haven’t sipped their tea yet. And when they do…

“Did you make tea in vodka?!”

That’s right, folks! That is what happens when you store water in emptied vodka bottles. And when you leave new vodka bottles around people who don’t drink!

But don’t worry! After you’ve lamented the bottle of absolute vodka lost, and locked what’s left of of your liquor safely in your bar, you notice that tea lends it a unique new taste. Very soon a new cocktail is invented. Add a few mint leaves, some cold soda, and the absolutely essential ice!

Isn’t it awesome when your tea is happy!


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