Gift of the Gab!


You know you have this unique gift when you can talk your way out of almost anything. I used to be really shy, but I realised it is of paramount importance to uninhibitedly say the first thing on your mind. You are smart and therefore the logical conclusion is that so is your mind! What comes out usually passes quality control!

When your friends says “Why aren’t you in a relationship?” Instead of the expected evasive answers you say, “Why when I am so happy?”

When your Mum says, “No! You can’t have that!” and instead of throwing a tantrum you say,”Give that to me or else…” Your mother glares “Just admit you love my brother more than me!”

When someone asks you to get serious, give them an exaggerated example to show just how serious you are. “Yes, I know every second I breathe ten elephants are being shot for their ivory tusks.” For some reason, as serious as this is, it makes people laugh!

Isn’t the gift of the gab Awesome?


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