Vernal Equinox Supermoon



Scientifically speaking the New Moon occurs when the Moon gets between the Earth and the Sun, blocking the light of the moon, but the one on Friday was a rare Vernal Equinox Supermoon. Just that name suggests the sheer volume of conclusions astrologers are waiting to draw.

Astrology is a science but not the astrology that shows up in the newspaper. Nor the Astrology the extremely dedicated reader has read in the Linda Goodman, although she was a highly intelligent individual with acute insight into the human psyche, the problem lies in the fact that there are nine other celestial bodies. A researched astrologer knows that there is a university amount of Mathematics involved, and it’s amazing how proud we humans are of our laziness.

So what does Vernal Equinox Supermoon mean? Personally, I think it was really cool celestial event that would have made an awesome picture had I known there was something to photograph. The other interpretation is that even though the sun is not visible it is THERE, and therefore there is a lot of instinctive un-channelled energy up for grabs, if you want to grab it. Time to test the Law of Attraction much?

Isn’t it awesome when things are so open to interpretation that you can select the conclusion you like best?


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