The Best Cheesecake EVER

Asking me to not order Cheesecake when I see it on the Menu in any cafe is like asking George R. R. Martin to not kill someone on Game Of Thrones! It isn’t happening! He will kill a Stark everytime you try and I will shred your self-worth with my eyes.

So when I walked into Turquoise Villa and saw their TV Special Baked Cheesecake, I saw my immediate future with crystal clarity. However, there are always the ever hopeful who seek to mess with the master.

The only way to respond to pleading is, “But it’s SPECIAL!” and turn on repeat. The fluttering of eyelashes and puppy dog eyes are key. Pouting helps, and Flynn Rider‘s smoulder seals the deal.

A cheesecake fanatic, it is not abnormal for me to like a cheesecake, but when you it leaves you speechless, incoherent, and with tears in your eyes, you know you have found “The One” You know more than ever the Law of Attraction works flawlessly. This cheesecake WAS special! It was The Best Cheesecake EVER!


Aren’t legendary Cheesecakes awesome?


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