Launching Your Book


Those who have embarked on their own creative journey know that a writer’s book is like a their baby. Their own little child. The result of the hard work and pushing yourself to the limit. But in my journey I have learnt that the harder you work, the more you love your work. That is what matters the most. Love.Signing my first Autograph at Book Launch

When you launch your first book people can hear it in your voice when you talk about it, and your hands will shake as you step on the podium, but trust me, folks, in this if in nothing else. THIS IS IT. Let the excitement envelope you, possess you, Live it! For this moment will not come again. And if you don’t seize the moment, it will pass you by.

If you go with the flow you may end up signing your very first autograph

My book Short Stories for the Imaginative Adventurer was launched Sunday the 31st May, 2015 by India’s Most Loved Writer Mr. Chetan Bhagat, who clearly was the best person to launch the book. “Why?” Because being an IITian with a management degree from IIM, he could easily have led a comfortable life with secure job, and here in India that means everything. But he, more than anyone else has shown us, ‪#‎writer‬ ‪#‎dancer‬  ‪#‎IITian‬ are moulds and we must do everything we can to break out of them! Be true to Ourselves, be Brave enough to follow our ‪#‎hearts‬! It will lead us to places we’ve never been and make us meet people we didn’t know before and in doing that we will grow! Which is what the ‪#‎ImaginativeAdventurer‬ is all about !

Chetan Bhagat Book Launch

Short Stories for the Imaginative Adventurer is about people who find themselves in new and sometimes rather difficult situations and how they deal with it. The stories strive to take an adult reader on an adventure where they meet imaginative beings, as one usually meets people while travelling, and raise questions about their own lives. The book contains stories about empowerment, freedom, and love. The stories look to entertain kids, inspire them to think out of the box and build their imagination with stories of those who exceed expectations. There is a subtle philosophical content which can be grasped only when reading between the lines. 


Launching your book is like watching your baby walk for the first time, You know they may walk away, but they leave you so proud! Launching your book is Awesome 🙂

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