Responding to Messages with Minions!

Haven’t we all seen that terrified kid outside the door of the examination hall. Who am I kidding? We have all been that shivering, insignificant wimp waiting to be devoured by the malicious malignant examination paper. Ever said, “Don’t worry” to that kid? Yeah. That’s not what they want to hear. And that’s not what they need. What do they need.

On my very new Twitter Home page, a delightful young lady shared “I’ve hired some minions to take the rest of my finals. Bye” And that’s exactly what the doomed student who knows nothing needs! They need to be told that Minions are coming and Minions are EVERYWHERE! All they need to do is become the greatest evil that ever existed 😉

But you do run That risk!


Now, that you’ve started, don’t stop there! What do you say when you know someone is lying?No, my darlings, don’t start a fight by accusing people. We are all about Peace, Love and Minions!

Lie MinionLieMinion

Your art of sharing knowledge has become too profuse and even though, the polite idiot trying not to snore denies it, closely resembles a lecture. That’s not all! Surprise! Surprise! The listener agrees with you and says you’re right! Remember, Roald Dahl! Modesty trumps honestly! Brag with Minions!

IMG_5896Think like a minion, and you will find that a Minion has a reply for every message you receive!

Build your creativity and find more Minions for your own diabolical retorts here

Isn’t Minion Response Awesome!


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