See No Evil! Hear No Evil! Speak No Evil!

No. That does not leave you permission to do all evil 😛 Or At least that is what I heard of Mahatma Gandhi’s message in his famous Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad! The three iconic monkeys are the first thing you see when you walk in.


Despite my earnest attempts my beloved sister refused to pose with the monkeys, popularly know as Gandhi Ji ke teen bandar. Walk into the ashram by the river, and make the consumer products companies a little bit poorer after you see how simply the great man lived.


You are only allowed inside barefoot. Probably, because Mahatma Gandhi revered almost as much as God in India, and his home is often treated as a temple.


Yes, folks! That was al the furniture he owned. He believed in peace, love, and nature. And detachment in all forms.


Although probably not to make us feel guiltier still, he even spun his own cloth. For those of curious nature, a sweet old lady is happy to show you how. The diligent are welcome to try.


All Animals are welcome at Sabarmati ashram.


And the squirrels are fierce about their nuts.


Children’s play encouraged. A little boy playing cricket has no trouble roaming the grounds looking for his lost cricket ball. His bat his only company.


Walk inside the museum, look at a few paintings…


And read a few quotes.


Be inspired, and know that his life was truly his message.



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