Pick On a Friend

What are friends for? To love and support you in all you choose to do or not to do? Yes. But we also make friends, once in a while when we are ready to let loose, to play pranks. You find easy meat in your so-called friends you chat with once a decade but don’t you think your friend would appreciate playing the victim once in a while?

“But How? How, Kritika, How?” you ask.

It’s simple really. All you need to do is call them up. Or if they are one of those poor unfortunate souls working for a living in an oh-so-tragic office, text them. What? Just that “IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!”

If your friend is as diabolical as you, they will ignore it. But most darlings want to know what it is exactly that you are talking about. They move from puzzlement to anger to humour. It takes a while before they catch on. The reply usually is, “NO! IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!”

Isn’t picking on your friends Awesome!


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