I know all of you travelling for work are sick of Trains, so obviously I didn’t mean those trains! I meant those marvellous bright coloured happy trains you see children screaming from at the malls.

The man wearing the red uniform driving the train must undoubtably be the happiest man in the mall. Because you know how happy men are at malls otherwise. The red-uniformed driver sees and hears happy thoughts and laughter all day. If he isn’t happy can I do his job for him? It looks like he’s taken a break. No! There he is! He saw the evil look in my eye!


I always thought the reason children played train games because it gave them leave to run as fast as they could. Not because they wanted to get anywhere. Just because the liked how the wind felt against their face. The pace was never too fast or too slow. The joy of the ride made even the bumps along the way feel fun! The bumps were just another reason to laugh.

So, next time you go to the mall, remember to sit on the train. As a caution, forget how old you are!

Because Trains are Awesome!


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