Who Says Only Boys Love Their Cars


There is something about taking your car out at sunrise with your radio on full blast. Few things are as liberating as driving off into the horizon without knowing where you are going.

Don’t you love the smooth sound of the engine running? Doesn’t the steering wheel feel like your best friend. Only the slightest indication with your hands and the car turns in perfectly in the direction you want. Feel the cool air from the vent of the air-condition in your face. Yes. That is the reason people in India run and not walk to their cars. Step on the accelerator. All those not trained in the art of krav maga, Have you ever felt such power in the sole of your foot?


The only thing that can make this better is a squeaky clean windshield, and squeaky clean windows to match. But remember, Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear!

Isn’t wanderlust with your car Awesome?


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