What’s the Catch?

What’s the Catch?


That’s some Catch, that Catch-22

Catch-22, for those who live under a rock, is a popular novel by Joseph Heller published in a year no one except your Literature teacher cares. The interesting thing about the book which tops the list of “The Most Begun “Read but Unfinished” (Initiated) Book ever” is that there is indeed a Catch, and you need to read only one chapter in the book, very carefully, to get it. No. I won’t tell you what that chapter is. Not because I want you to read the whole book. Just because being evil is Awesome. The “Catch-22” is a riddle. And like most riddle, it can be the best riddle you ever heard or the worst. It all depends on whether or not you get the Catch!

“What Catch?”


“That’s some Catch that Catch-22”

And trust me, you want to get the catch. Speaking from experience, getting the catch has magical properties! It automatically makes you feel smarter than everyone else. And all the people who voted they didn’t finish the book on goodreads! And that’s a whole lot of people!

Also, even if you don’t get the Catch, you get Awesome quotes for “Catch-22”. And one fine day! You might see a Minion quoting Catch-22!



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