Grabbing the Best Table in Cafe’s

Food is one part of the reason you visit a cafe. The other and grossly underrated part is the ambience. Yes, folks, where you sit is important. Everyone wants the sofa, and everyone wants the armrest. You can be one of the lucky few who manage to pick Sheldon’s spot or if not that the Best Table at the Cafe will suffice.

A new favourite cafe has an CEO class wooden round table with classic “I’m a writer” armchairs.  And amid long conversations with childhood friends, or as I call them, fellow lunatics, you see over their heads eyes glaring at you with smouldering resentment, “How dare you sit at my table! It mine! MINE! You hear me!!”. Looks that say, “I want that Table!! Why are you sitting at my table? Why? Why? Why?” are the free entertainment the cafe provides. I’ve given those looks, but being on the receiving end is much more fun. Unfortunately, my smug smile is all you get for prioritising laziness. You didn’t thing I would give up my Table, did you?

Also, I finally know how rich people feel! “MUHAHAHAHHA!!! I have all the Money I know you want!” *more maniacal evil laughter* ” No!! I won’t give it to you! No! I won’t share!!” *more maniacal evil laughter* “Watch me and BURN!!” *more maniacal evil laughter*

Yes. Grabbing the Best Table in Cafe’s is Awesome! After all, wouldn’t you want to sit here?



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