One Whole Day!

Remember that line from Enchanted starring Patrick Dempsey and Amy Adams where she says

“It’s been One Whole Day that we’ve known each other!!….. And Tomorrow it will be Two whole days!!!”

Thought it was a bit over the top? Yeah. Me too. Because who does that?!

And then today, after three Oh-the-sun-is-never-coming-out-again months of my life, I receive a phone call from a friend who stays in my neighbourhood. A friend who I have been meeting every morning for coffee and every night for crazy. A friend who says, “I haven’t seen you in sooooooo long!” and you don’t feel trapped or suffocated. Instead you empathised in all entirety. You face involuntarily moves into the most tragic of expression and you scream,” Yeah! I know! It’s been ONE WHOLE DAY!!!!”

You know you’re not kidding! It honestly is a cruel twist of fate that you have had to spend an entire day apart from a person who is making you happy. You realise that it is a whole bunch of “ONE WHOLE DAY!”‘s that make an Awesome Life!

One Whole Day is Awesome, isn’t it?


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