Yeah, You’re right

How do you deal with those annoying people who Just won’t take no for an answer? The ones that would assist you with thinking of a few alternative uses for a baseball bat. The kind that secretly feels that the Oxford English dictionary was playing a practical joke on mass consciousness when it defined the word no. How? How? How?

The Awesome thing about today is that I have discovered a fantabulous foolproof way! No, No Jokes, Trust me! It takes a certain amount of finesse and a large amount of practise. After all, the Art of Deception cannot be mastered in a day. Yes. That right. The Art of Deception. Commonly referred to as acting.

But how will that help you? You know how you are often frustrated by the difference between what people say and what people do, right? Time to put that to good use, and put an end to your argument by three magical words.. What words?

“Yeah, You’re right”

If you feel the need to be more dramatic, you have my permission to add the words “absolutely”, “completely” and “definitely”. As for you say when face to face with grim interrogation such as “How could you?”, pull to the forefront of your conscious mind “I don’t remember”, “I don’t know”, and “I forgot”.

The key to inner peace is agreeing with your everyone, but doing exactly what you want. All the time. Isn’t inner peace Awesome?


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