Boys Are Dumb!

What do you do when you see a little girl crying? I look for the nearest exit. Remember, Walk Don’t Run. The general understanding is that there will be a crowd. And each person in the crowd will know with the certainty of Nostradamus himself the best way to soothe her catastrophic wails. The day the world’s most dangerous terrorist organisations decide to collaborate and sing “Heal the World“, they might succeed, but till then they will leave one by one, leaving the stage clear for your performance.

Now, I don’t know why people play dumb, but the only reason little girls cry is because a little boy has done something. Hurt her in playing with her, tease her, or has broken something. Isn’t it obvious what you’re supposed to do yet?

Ask her why she’s crying, and you’ll narrow your options to one. Then when she looks beseechingly at you with innocent doe eyes and asks you, “Why would he do that?”

Hold your own. Purse your lips. Nod your head empathetically. Say, “Because Boys are Dumb!

Worst case scenario is that, the boy will jump at you and attack, but honestly if you can’t handle being mauled by a little kid you really need to re-think your self-defence strategy.  And trust me, being attacked is worth it if the little girl stops crying. Awesome Even 🙂


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