Secrets and Lies

The thing that annoyed me the most as a child, no, it wasn’t that I had to conscientiously brush my teeth every morning, although that is a close second, was that no one told “the child” anything. The secret was elusive and nefarious I was certain it was what made all grown-ups grumpy. All the time!

A child of the generation obsessed with Sherlock Holmes and Game of Thrones, I finally uncovered the secret and was bitterly disappointed to learn that it was their own stupidity. The stupidity of worrying about all the insane things you never have to worry about!

The revelation lead to a decision never to follow in their footsteps, but when I see myself in a wayward toddler of superior intellect I sympathise. My advantage of course is the back up plan I have. When they ask me, “What is the secret?”

I show them my Amritsari Katar.


Followed by the words “Don’t tell anyone!” they lead to a mixture of respect and awe.

Isn’t lying to kids Awesome?


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