How to Deal with the Rhetoric?

Part of being a writer is accepting the fact that you’re in the business of spreading light and sunshine in people’s life. And while you benevolently shower your Joié de Vivrè on the snappy, churlish, and not to mention ungrateful members of the human race, you will occasionally be faced with the Rhetoric.

These come a large variety. “Why? Why? Why? Why does this happen to me?”, “Why can’t people stand to be around the dark cumulonimbus cloud of depression I have become?”, “Why won’t my the dry cleaners return My laundry on time?”.  And the level finally cascades to, “Why did the milk spill from My hands?”

You can either add clouds to the building storm or you can use your head. They did ask you a question. I think you should answer it.

“Well… Your foot encountered an obstacle that acted as external force that changed the momentum of your body which your hand immediately picked up. The milk on the other hand being a liquid did not. And while the bowl moved in the upward motion, the liquid, in trying to find it’s own level found that it did not have uniform support on all side and therefore spilled from your hands.”

Remember, You are your first priority. Sad people can’t make other people happy. You may watch Dr. Sheldon Cooper for his eloquence and practise.

Isn’t Stating the Obvious Awesome?


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