Perks of Cleaning Your Room

Imagine that you were buried under a mountain of dirty clothes and your mother decided that now was the perfect time for a family reunion brunch. Cleaning your room is an easy pick when the alternative is the vision of your mother at the door, fluttering of dismayed eyelashes and oh-how-could-you’s.

It isn’t rocket science that you stuff the cupboard that no one opens with all that’s on your bed. All the wires are shoved into the bags you never use to travel. And the picture of you ex’s… Well… You’ve been waiting for just the right excuse to burn them…

But what do you do with all the dust? Yeah… That’s the stuff that moves away when you run a finger along your table. And it’s on all the books too.. Tch tch.. I know, you  always figured it would blow away when you opened them to study, but…. that never happened!

As pick those heavy-weights up and begin to knock them together something amazing happens! Miraculous even! Money starts falling out of the pages! Yeah! Notes that you used as bookmarks! The money that you thought was a figment of your imagination! Whether it is ten bucks, or hundred or five hundred, money is still money! Maybe you should dust that mattress too. You never know, right? 😉

Isn’t finding Money Awesome?



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