Bathroom Photography

Do you know why girls Have to visit the bathroom where ever they go at least once? To teach Neil Armstrong a lesson in branding! Duh! I mean, you goes to the Moon and takes only Five photos! What is with that? Maybe, just maybe, if five thousand girls take nine gazillion photos in the bathroom, maybe guys would get the message! Photographs are Awesome! I know, I’m a girl. I distinctly remember being apologetic and condescending when I’ve seen it in action.

So what should you do when you take a trip to the freshly scented, impossibly clean, bathrooms highly over-priced hotels hold as their USP? Stop taking photographs? NOOOOO!! By no means No! That is the way to bring about World Peace. But remember, variety is the spice of life, and make sure you fit the pot within the frame.

After all, imagine how embarrassing it would be if no one knew where you took your selfie?

Aren’t unique subjects to photograph Awesome?


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