Lucknow, aside from it’s elaborate embroidery, artistic architecture, and history, is famous for one other thing. Kebabs. Yeah. The old Indian Moghul rulers were confirmed foodies. And the result of their culinary experiments were so successful that fame of their dishes spread far and wide, and many came to the city to learn their secret recipe.

I sat in Awadhpuri watching my friend swoon at the delectable Galawati Kebab, I thought there is something about eating a Lucknowi Kebab in Lucknow, but this was pretty close.

“How did it get this delicious?” she asked. It was rhetorical, but I smiled because guide in Lucknow a few years old had told me the answer.

“As the royal Mughals grew old and decrepit,” I said, “they lost all their teeth. They could no longer bite any food. But their love affair with food hadn’t quite ended yet. They demanded their chef make food that literally melted in their mouth, but satiated their taste buds just as well as all the food with bones, fibres and spices. It was because the cook was a genius that your taste buds are singing, and your teeth have taken the lunch off.”

Aren’t stories you hear travelling Awesome?


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