Thinking on Your Feet

You’re friend has put you on the spot, and Chandler’s famous line from Friends where he screams, “Oh My God! This parachute is a knapsack” jumps to the forefront of your mind. You’re clearly caught between a rock and a hard place, What do you do?

Think on your feet! Don’t you know what a person who puts you on the feet want to hear? NO! It is Not the Truth. Really, have you ever been someone you truly, honestly wants to hear the truth? Then why do you think you are ever going to meet one? They usually just want to hear you declare publicly your loyalty for them.

So how you respond? You tell them what they want to hear! Duh!

“So, having stayed in as many different cities as you have, which one is your favourite?”

“Of course! The one I spent time in with you!”

“Who will you miss the most?

“Of course! You!!”

“Who is your favourite child/uncle/aunt/brother/sister/cousin?”

“Of course! You!!”

Think on your feet. Be diplomatic. Save your skin. Because being Alive is Awesome!


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