When Google is Ignorant

You know exactly how it feels when a teacher, friend, mentor, or a random person you are trying to impress, references a classic that you haven’t had time *cough cough* and are probably never going to find time to read. You get a vague idea of how children who haven’t had the opportunity to go to school feel. To ease your guilt you grudgingly get off you lazy behind, and move the book to your cart.

After you’ve made it past the cover, and spent a few minutes feeling more illiterate than ever, you decided to do something productive for once. “Let’s google the stuff we don’t know!” And, of course, Google has all the answers, right?

Don’t worry, when someone moves your jaw that dropped all the way to hell back into it’s biologically rightful place, you’ll feel a warm, and fuzzy feeling, that only comes when you’re gloating, creep in. You, my friend, have found something Google doesn’t have an answer for!

For the cynics, because there’s always at least one buzzkill, tell me who are the seven famous alchemists of Macedonia? One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez mentions a character declares himself the eighth, but neither I nor, apparently, Google can figure out who the other seven are?

Isn’t it awesome living in ignorance, as long as Google does it too, of course!


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