Wishing Your Pet Peacock Good Morning!

Don’t you wish that every morning you woke up and felt like yelling, “Hello!” We like people you feel like a ray of sunshine. Just imagine how Awesome it would be if you Were that ray of sunshine?

But… I Know! You have Such Problems! Five generations of members from your family keep annoying you about getting married.     The politician you want Never wins the election or if he wins he stops being the politician you wanted to win the election. The weather is Soooo damn hot. And that  famous man-eating tiger in the African forest is just waiting for you to get there so it can attack you!

Now, what if I told you that wishing your pet peacock “Good Morning!” makes sure you get temporary amnesia? Besides, haven’t you always wanted a pet peacock? Despite the grotesquely high pitch noise they make. My pet peacock Harry doesn’t bother me much. He doesn’t live with me or eat with me, in fact, he does nothing with me. He just stands on the rooftop every morning and shrieks till I smile at him and flutter my eyelashes. You don’t have to adopt him legally you see.

Isn’t having a pet peacock called Harry Awesome?


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