Aeroplane Diaries

Part of being an affirmed #traveljunkie means that you will inevitable have to somehow get to the places you want to go. And as much as fun as it to be chilling at the airport a wayward nagging often floats into your mind. A thought that demands you be doing something else. And you Know, to entertain a thought like is an epitome of what is called a fiasco! The most tragic thing that can ever happen to you is wishing you were somewhere else!

So remember, when you are flying between the clouds, you are So much closer to the sun than when your feet touch the ground, and look out of the window. If you’re flying at sunrise or sunset, you may see the most gorgeous blend of summer, vermillion, a shade of grey, a dash of light turquoise blue and almost white, ominous emerald green. Yes, folks! The best way to see a sunset is out of an airplane.

Usually, I avoid strangers on my plane like Darth Vader with the potential to say, “Luke, I am your father” but the lady sitting on my left did offer to tell me a story, in exchange for my attention.

Alexander the Great, it turns out absolutely believed in astrology, he called an astrologer and demanded to know the circumstances of his death. The old man with shivering knees, was terrified, he knew he would be beheaded in the unlikely event that Alexander did not like his answer.

“You will come to pass under copper skies, on iron lands” he said.

Alexander imaging himself undefeatable took this to mean that he would turn immortal because, well, “How would that happen?” It was only on a day that he lay down on the floor wearing his iron armour, facing such a sunset, did he understand the guile of his astrologer. He closed his eyes, and sighed, if he had to go let the sunset be the last thing he saw.

Suddenly, you’ve forgotten the noise in your brain and you’re actually just pleased to be sitting in the aeroplane, and the wailing baby doesn’t irritate you so much. Even when you see a two hour younger version of yourself jumping off the seat as soon as the wheels touch the ground to pull out your bag, you only smile with indulgence. You see a benevolent co-passenger, instruct her to be patient. You start sniggering as you wonder why she doesn’t say, “You know, if you rush to the front and tell the air-hostess, you’ll get Prize.”

But it turns out You get the prize, because, and this is something that inevitably happens, your favourite Beatles song starts playing. When you get off the plane, ironically before the girl with the bag, and the two buses taking passengers back to the airport are all full, you know it’s so that you can take selfies with the plane. And, of course, pretend that you are buying the plane 😉


Aren’t airports Awesome?


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