KritikaLand Now Hiring !

When you have created your own fake country, the designation, administration, and hiring are your responsibility. Because, it can’t be a two person fake country forever, can it? What about growth and all those other big words corporates use?!

So you hire, the most convenient option of course is the President’s boyfriend. And what must his designation be? After careful contemplation and categorical rejection of “Advisor”, “Tibetan Monk”, and “Spiderman”, both decision makers agreed on designation – IRON Man. Because, in Chandler‘s words, IRON Man is cool, and you know it.

There may be consequence that the President decides the coolest title is Tyrant & Dictator, but let’s be rational, Tyrant & Dictator has something of the stubbornness of Dwarfs, so the newest designation is approved and Mastermind & President it is!

The position of Mad-Hatter remain open! Anyone willing can apply by commenting 🙂


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